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The Harry/Draco Remix Challenge

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Name:Harry/Draco Remix Fest
Website:H/D Remix Challenge on AO3
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Community description:Harry/Draco Remix
Home of the Harry/Draco remix challenge

Art by upthehillart, banner by snowgall.

What's a remix?

Remixing is taking someone else's words or art and seeing it from another angle. In many ways, it is like fanfiction of fanfiction. It takes the essentials of a story or artwork and examines them from a different perspective. It uses the basic elements of an existing story or artwork and combines them in a new way to offer a different take on the plot, the characters, the situation and so on.

Harry/Draco Remix Volume 9.0 - schedule

Sign Ups Open: February 1 through 10, 2017
Old Format Assignments Sent Out: by February 15, 2017
New Format Title of Story/Art-to-be-remixed and Author/Artist Permission to Remix due: by February 15, 2017
Submissions due: April 16, 2017
Posting starts: May 1, 2017
Posting ends: when we run out of submissions

Volume 8.0 masterlist.

Volume 7.0 masterlist.

Volume 6.0 masterlist.

Volume 5.0 masterlist.

Volume 4.0 masterlist.

Volume 3.0 masterlist.

Volume 2.0 masterlist.

Volume 1.0 masterlist.


Layout: chasethestars and snowgall
Banner: upthehillart
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